Choosing an Exceptional Agent

So, you've made the decision to sell your property. What next?

When selling your home,there are four things that are critical;

The Price, The Agent, The Property, The Location

Of these four things, you are in control of three of them, the FIRST three.

Achieving a sale at a premium price in the quickest possible time frame can only be done when the marketing of your property is done to a high standard. There are many estate agents that will simply put your home on Rightmove and wait for the phone to ring. There is so much more that can be done…

Showcasing Your Home

First impressions count, a potential buyer will be scrolling through hundreds of homes. Yours has to stand out or a buyer will simply scroll past, it's a bit like Tinder. Would you upload a picture of you having just got out of bed after a heavy night on the town? This wouldn’t help attract the perfect partner. It’s the same for selling a house, so many outside pictures are dull, lopsided and have obstacles like cars in the driveway.

At Oliver James, our external photos where possible are taken with either a Drone or Elevated Pole. Giving the property elevation creates space and can show off the views around your home.

The UK is often grey and wet therefore it is incredibly important that the photo is brightened up, all our homes have the grey sky removed and in its place is put a bright blue sky with a scattering of clouds to make it look like a summer photo. We can make grass greener and if needed we can also remove objects such as neighbours cars. The external photo is the first thing many buyers see, so creating the best first impression is essential.

Virtual Reality Home Tours

This enables buyers to do online viewings and should we ever need to go into a lockdown again, Oliver James would be ready to carry on with viewings using this great technology. The 360 tours are a great way to showcase your home, a potential buyer can see the whole of your property and can even measure walls if they so require. We have already done over 50,000 online viewings and counting.

Bespoke Social Media Marketing

The majority of buyers are active on social media, whether that be Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok or other platforms. Your property must be showcased on these platforms to reach the widest possible market. Not only do we do Video tours on all these platforms. We also do something called target marketing, where we will design a bespoke campaign and advertise your home to certain buyers living in certain areas. Proactive marketing at its best!

For those prestige homes

Oliver James works hard to bring your house to life, great photos are one thing but the next level is to employ a professional Videographer, we help create a story and give a vision of what life would be like living in your home.

Please see a recent example here:

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